Engineered Timber FAQ

What are the benefits of Engineered Timber?

If you are keen on the look of traditional wooden floorboards but don’t want the hassle of caring for them but you want something a step up from laminate flooring then engineered timber flooring could be the solution for your Auckland home. Engineered wood flooring is ready to lay straight away with no treatment needed and is more hardwearing than floorboards. Our team supply and install engineered wood flooring across Auckland including Birkenhead, Chatswood and Albany.



Oiled Wood

Oiled Timber floors offer a timeless quality to your home, office or commercial space. They are a showcase in beautiful design which will help you select the right product from our extensive range.

Our suppliers at Creative Flooring import European oak engineered flooring boards in three grades – premium, country and rustic. Your carefully chosen flooring is then pre-finished directly at their factory using European hard-wax oils. Our light wire brushing process helps conceal minor scratch marks when your floor is in use. It also highlights the timber grain and opens up the pores for better oil absorption. 

Grades of Wood

There are three grades of wood to choose from in the Oiled Wood Click-Lock Range: Premium, Country and Rustic.


 Premium                            Country                            Rustic


Sheen Levels



Matt                                   Semi-Matt                        Satin


Sizes & Grades

· 15/4mm x 190mm x 1900mm Click Lock, 4 Side Bevel (Premium / Country / Rustic)

· 15/4mm x 220mm x 2200mm T&G, 2 Side Bevel (Premium)

· 21/6mm x 220mm x 2200mm T&G, 2 Side Bevel (Premium)

· 20/6mm x 220mm x 3000mm T&G, 2 Side Bevel (Light Feature)

· 20/6mm x 260mm x 2200mm T&G, 2 Side Bevel (Light Feature)

· 10/2mm x 190mm x 1900mm T&G, 2 Side Bevel (Light Feature) Ideal for Wall Panelling or Height Issues

· 15/4mm x 150mm x 900mm T&G, 4 Side Bevel Parquet & 15/4mm x 100mm x 500mm T&G, 4 Side Bevel Parquet


What are the benefits of Oiled Wood?

· Protection - oils penetrate and harden the top grain fibres of the wood

· No sanding of the floor is required

· Health considerate, with low VOC’s from eco-friendly, vegetable oil based products

· Easy spot and scratch repair

· Low maintenance


European Oak Lacquers

Wood flooring is a warm and inviting interior choice, matched with hard-wearing qualities. Our European oak flooring range offers beautiful characteristics of floor boards from a bygone era. Enjoy selecting from exciting colours and sophisticated wire brushing and scraping techniques.

Using products and systems to support our commitment to environmental sustainability, our engineered oak floors will bring exceptional style to your home.

What are the benefits of Oak Lacquer?

· A natural flooring choice

· Warm and aesthetically pleasing

· Easy to clean and maintain

· Durable to take the hard knocks

· Extensive variety of appearances and colours

· Good acoustics

· Healthy indoor quality – hypoallergenic

· Eco-friendly

· Size (unless 21/6mm noted): 15/4mm x 220mm x 2200mm T&G, 2 Side Bevel (Premium unless marked ‘Antique’)

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