Broadloom Carpet

A bustling business or commercial space requires a durable carpet to accomodate the constant flow of people and avoid daily wear and tear. See below for our variety of broadloom carpet options.

Why Choose Broadloom Carpet

Sound Absorption: Broadloom carpet has excellent sound-absorbing properties, helping to reduce noise levels within a space. It can help dampen footsteps, absorb ambient noise, and minimise sound transmission between floors. This makes it beneficial for offices, conference rooms, libraries, and other spaces where noise control is important.

Comfort and Cushioning: Broadloom carpet provides a comfortable underfoot feel due to its dense construction and cushioning properties. This can enhance the overall comfort of a commercial space, providing a more pleasant environment for employees, customers, or visitors who spend long periods standing or walking.

Easy Maintenance: While broadloom carpet requires regular vacuuming and occasional deep cleaning, its large continuous surface means there are fewer seams and edges to maintain compared to carpet tiles. This can simplify maintenance efforts and reduce the likelihood of dirt or debris getting trapped between tiles.