What are the benefits of Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is experiencing a higher level of appreciation as a worthy alternative to real wood. Unlike real wood floors, laminate flooring does not change its original character. With its authentic interpretations of high-quality timbers, high resilience, durability and easy maintenance, Laminate is a popular flooring choice.


The high-density wood fibreboards and the décor papers enable high-quality timbers to be interpreted authentically and its wear-resistant top layer, made of melamine resin, ensures very high durability.


Ian Hunt Flooring are the exclusive suppliers of Parador Laminate flooring from Germany. Parador laminate floors are distinguished by a functional composition and intelligent technology. Their patented click system guarantees easy installation, edge impregnation protects against moisture, and the wear-resistant top layer ensures very high durability, along with their authentic interpretations of high-quality timbers. Parador laminate flooring is low on emissions and allergens and test certificates issued by the LGA and Blue Angel give customers peace of mind for a healthy home.

Laminate FAQ

Do I need to remove skirting boards before installation? 

Yes, we always recommend the removal of skirtings as it makes a better looking finish. Undercutting at ground level follows all the ups and downs of the substrate and does not create a tight fit to hold the laminate in-place.

Do I need to put an underlay underneath laminate? 

Yes, the underlay acts as a moisture barrier between the substrate and the laminate, it also cushions the laminate so you don't get that hollow sound when walking in heels.

What is the best way to clean and maintain a laminate floor? 

A steam mop should definitely NOT be used and any use of one will void your warranty. This is because wood floors do not like excess moisture. Wood floors should be swept, vacuumed and dry mopped regularly. They can be damp mopped as required, with minimal water and neutral cleaner such as Bona. Periodically we recommend Refresher to revive the lacquer on the surface - this is a wipe on, wipe off product that reduces the appearance of micro-scratches and restores the floor to its original sheen in worn areas. 

Can I put underfloor heating underneath laminate? 

Underfloor heating works well with most wood flooring, provided it is on a thermostat to a maximum setting of 27ºC.The heating system must be water-borne or self-limiting electrical heating system that provides an even heat over the whole area of the floor. It must be switched off before and after installation of your wood flooring then bought up to temperature gradually over several days. 

Is laminate water-resistant?

We do not recommend wood flooring in bathrooms. Their high levels of moisture, humidity and standing puddles of water can damage wood floors. 

If my floor gets damaged by accident, how can it be repaired?

If it is a small scratch or dent a repair can be done using coloured wax and these are very successful, however, individual boards can be cut out and replaced provided that spare planks have been saved for such occurrences. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee the ongoing availability of the same size planks as trends in board width and locking system change regularly, so we always recommend an extra box is purchased.