Carpet Options

Different Types of Carpet: 

What's Best for Your Home?

June 23 2024

There are many different types of carpet fibres, the most common being nylon, wool and polyester. The main characteristics when choosing a carpet are either natural or synthetic fibre, the carpet style (loop/textured or cut pile) and the carpet's overall weight (oz) which changes how it feels underfoot. Loop piles are prominent in wool carpets, while cut-pile and soft-touch carpets are prominent with synthetic. These characteristics determine overall wear and comfort underfoot. 

What to look for in residential carpets

When choosing residential carpet, various factors must be considered to make the right decision for your home. 

Material Composition  

The durability of carpet is greatly influenced by the material used. For example, nylon carpets are esteemed for their remarkable longevity and resistance to wear, rendering them ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic. Conversely wool carpets are renowned for the durability and capacity to retain their appearance over time. 

Tuft Quality & Density 

Quality carpets use densely paced tufts. Higher tuft density indicated better durability are more resilience. 


Consider the carpet style, whether plush, berber or other types. The style affects the carpets, appearance and sustainability for specific areas in your home. 


Assess the overall durability of the carpet, especially in high-traffic areas. Carpets with high durability are more resistant to wear and tear.

Maintenance & Stain Resistance

Different carpers have varying levels of stain resistance and ease of maintenance. See our carpet care guide for more information. 

What are the best carpet options for homes

Ian Hunt Flooring offers a diverse range of residential carpets, each with unique qualities to meet different needs. 

Solution-Dyed Nylon

Solution-dyed nylon carpets are recognised for their outstanding durability and resilience against wear. Nylon ensures extended longevity and robust performance. Solution-dyed nylon carpets showcase remarkable stain resistance, rendering them well-suited for high traffic areas and bustling households. The dyeing process intensifies colour retention, preventing fading and sustaining vibrant hues. This carpet type is a practical solution for homeowners seeking a flooring option that can withstand the rigours of daily life. 


Wool carpets exemplify luxury, warmth and durability. They are celebrated for their soft and comfortable texture, bringing elegance to any living space. Wool is a natural and environmentally friendly fibre. It helps regulate indoor humidity and keeps in the warmth during the winter, helping your home achieve a healthier indoor environment. With longevity as a defining characteristic, wool carpets represent a wise investment for those desiring a timeless, high-quality flooring solution. 


Polyester carpets offer a budget-friendly alternative that doesn't compromise on comfort and aesthetics. They’re renowned for their soft and luxurious feel. Homeowners can choose from their diverse colour options, allowing you to express your style preferences. Polyester carpets are well-suited to low to medium-traffic areas within homes, presenting a cost-effective solution for enhancing living spaces without exceeding budget.

Loop Pile

Distinguished by their dense and durable construction, loop pile carpets feature looped fibres that create a textured surface that is resistant to wear and matting. They are ideal for high-traffic areas such as living rooms and effectively conceal dirt and tracking. The contemporary and textured appearance of loop pile carpets introduces a modern touch to any room., making them a favoured choice for NZ homes.

Cut Pile

Cut-pile carpets offer a softness, comfort and resistance to crushing. Proving a plush and luxurious feel underfoot. Suitable for various residential settings, they create a plush ambience in bedrooms and living areas. The adaptability and comfort of cut-pile carpets make them a preferred choice for homeowners who want a cosy and inviting atmosphere. 

Tips on Choosing the Right Carpet for Your Home

If you're on the lookout for the best carpet for your home, consider the following; 

Assess your lifestyle - Consider your daily activities, pets' presence and foot traffic. This helps determine the appropriate carpet material and durability requirement for your home. 

Budget Consideration - Establish a budget beforehand. While wool carpets offer luxury, polyester are cost-effective and feel luxurious underfoot. 

Colour & Style - Select a carpet colour and style that compliments your interior design. Lighter colours make smaller spaces appear larger, while darer hues can add depth and character.

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