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What are the benefits of Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is experiencing a higher level of appreciation as a worthy alternative to real wood. Unlike real wood floors, laminate flooring does not change its original character. With its authentic interpretations of high-quality timbers, high resilience, durability and easy maintenance, Laminate is a popular flooring choice.
The high-density wood fibreboards and the décor papers enable high-quality timbers to be interpreted authentically and its wear-resistant top layer, made of melamine resin, ensures very high durability.
Ian Hunt Flooring are the exclusive suppliers of Parador Laminate flooring from Germany.  Parador laminate floors are distinguished by a functional composition and intelligent technology.  Their patented click system guarantees easy installation, edge impregnation protects against moisture, and the wear-resistant top layer ensures very high durability, along with their authentic interpretations of high-quality timbers. Parador laminate flooring is low on emissions and allergens and test certificates issued by the LGA and Blue Angel give customers peace of mind for a healthy home.
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