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Jacobsens Vista

The Vista range has been designed to bring comfort and science harmoniously into your home. As a Sensitive Choice approved carpet and residential heavy-duty rating, you and your family can feel safe it's a carpet that allows your family to Breathe Easy comfort. A heavyweight carpet, Vista is a superior choice for any room in your home. 

Product Info

Cut Pile (66oz)

100% Solution Dyed Nylon

ACCS Residential Extra Heavy Duty + Stairs 

All warranties are issued on a project by project basis. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

Naturally absorbs odours

Active Care salt based treatment means Breathe Easy carpets can eradicate common household odours like pet odours, and cigarette smoke. It does not leach, is safe for the environment and has low volatile organic compounds. (VOCs)


Easybac backing on Breathe Easy carpets provides improved dimensional stability and bond strength while adding thermal and acoustic insulation properties. The woven soft cloth back contains recycled material and protects skirting boards and walls from damage during installation.

Antimicrobial protection

Breathe Easy carpets are treated with Ultra-fresh antimicrobial technology. It has passed the most stringent international testing procedures for efficiency and safety and is independently monitored to ensure this efficiency is maintained. Ultra-fresh treatment on Breathe Easy carpets inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould, mildew and carpet beetles to breed, giving you peace of mind that your carpet is allergen safe. 

Appearance retention 

Resistain SDN is the latest generation of Solution Dyed Nylon yarns that provides high resistance in demanding residential environments. Designed to withstand New Zealand's harsh conditions, Resistain SDN is UV stabilised, offering enhanced appearance retention and protection from spills. 

Stain resistance 

Jacobsen Breathe Easy carpet has Carpet Shield stain protection. This provides anti-soiling properties, added stain resistance, and is oil and water repellent which helps to keep your Breathe Easy carpet clean and looking good for years to come.